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The American College of Physicians views on Chiropractic

The American College of Physicians views on Chiropractic

Every once in a while I will read an article on other medical professionals on chiropractic medicine.  When I read something noteworthy, I like to share it with my patients and website fans.  Enjoy….

The ACP (American College of Physicians) recently published a new protocol for medical doctors to steer patients with back pain, as well as their doctors, to chiropractic and other low-cost “high value” treatments before opting for more expensive choices such as surgery.  The campaign’s message reinforces the American Chiropractic Association’s longstanding recommendation of cost effective conservative care as a first lien defense against pain.

This is not the first time the ACP’s evidence based guidelines have supported the use of conservative care for conditions such as chronic lower back pain.  In 2007, the Annals of Internal Medicine published low back pain guidelines developed by the American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians recommended that for patients who do not improve with self-care, doctors should consider non-pharmacologic therapies such as chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupuncture.

ACP’s latest campaign, launched in mid-April of 2013, features brochures on treating lower back pain.  It states that imaging tests, which were found to be costly and often unnecessary, can lead to needless back surgery.  In fact, surgery was named the last resort- after all conservative options are exhausted.  Patients were, however, advised to consent to imaging tests if they have signs of severe of worsening nerve damage or of a serious underlying problem.

“The health care crisis in the Unites States is leading many in the health care community to draw the same conclusions that DCs have had all along,” said ACA president Keith Overland, DC.  “We urge health care providers, whenever possible, to recommend preventative, conservative interventions for their patients before prescribing medications or performing surgery.”

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