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Prostate Health

Why You Need  A Healthy Prostate!!!

Prostate health has been widely recognized to be important for men 50 and over. In fact 50% of all men over the age of 50 will suffer from benign prostate hyperplasia which if left untreated may result in prostate malignancy (CANCER).  Shockingly, in recent years, the importance of prostate health to men in their 30s and 40s has become more widely known because prostate issues are being found in many men under the age of 50.  Some influencing factors known to affect prostate health include diet, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors.

By age 60, as many as 90% of American men may have less-than-optimal health in this area.

Here are some basic tips use can incorporate into your daily health regimen if you are approaching that prostate dysfunctional age…..

I’ve always been a firm believer in finding natural ways to help support your health. And with your prostate, it’s certainly not an exception.

Guideline step

Step Details

Optimize your vitamin D level

Ideally through safe sun exposure. Get your levels over 50 ng/ml.

Eat healthy wholesome foods

Eat a healthy diet full of unprocessed and preferably organic foods to optimize your health, being careful to limit sugars and grains. Consume moderate amounts of protein and plenty of high-quality fats… Also eat foods that are rich in carotenoids and lycopene that can help support your prostate. There are several free nutrition plans available on the internet like  with info on how to put in place a healthy eating plan.

Reduce your stress

Most people know stress can have a negative effect on your health. Scientists have shown links between stress and less-than-optimal prostate health.

Exercise and relax your muscles

Muscle tension can impact your prostate health. A regular exercise program can do wonders to help you reduce muscle tension and trigger a more positive attitude and mood.

Support your lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system is responsible for clearing your body of waste and plays an essential role in your prostate vitality. Regular exercise and drinking adequate amounts of pure, fresh water can help flush waste and toxins out of your body.

Revitalize love and sexual activity

It’s no accident how celibate men may need additional support for the prostate. A healthy sex life is good for your prostate. Also, nurturing your personal relationships and love can help reduce stress as well.

Schedule a prostate evaluation

Getting an early assessment of your prostate health is a crucial first step in knowing where you stand.

Foods that help support the prostate include vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, carotenoids, and lycopene including raw broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, green tea

In addition, I recommend you make the following adjustments to your regular diet by limiting your intake of…

  • Carbohydrates, sugars, and grains
  • Highly processed or charcoaled meats
  • Pasteurized dairy foods and foods with trans fats

I believe these are sound dietary practices not just to benefit your prostate health, but your overall vitality as well.

"Incredible results in just a few sessions. Dr. Phil was able to assess my struggle and put a plan into action that has been extremely fruitful."

John from Easton, PA