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American Academy of Family Practicioners

Chiropractic treatment and the American Academy of Family Practicioners

Recently, the American Academy of Family Practitioner’s has reported an updated monograph on chiropractic manipulation and treatment.  Using evidence based criteria; the AAFP has endorsed the use of spinal manipulation in patients without neurological deficit.

In the same study, the AAFP has also found insufficient evidence on the benefits of analgesics, NSAIDS, antidepressants or muscle relaxants for neck and spinal pain.  The AAFP further documented adverse effects that are detrimental to systemic physiology of the body.

This is another example which shows that the fastest, most cost effective treatment of neck pain, with the highest level of patient satisfaction is chiropractic care for neck pain.

"Incredible results in just a few sessions. Dr. Phil was able to assess my struggle and put a plan into action that has been extremely fruitful."

John from Easton, PA